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Climbing in Thethi
Maje e Arapit

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Mount Arapit, in Albanian Maje e Arapit or sometimes Maja e Harapit, is one of the most striking mountains in that part of the Albanian Alps known as the ‘Accursed Mountains’, Bjeshkët e Namuna in Albanian or Prokletje in Serbo-Croat, a range which sweeps across three countries including northern Albania, southern Montenegro, and south-western Kosovo. Though only 2217 meters high, it forms the dead end of the beautiful steep glacial valley of Theth National Park. http://www.summitpost.org/maje-e-arapit/658619 * Gerald Krug, Maje e Arapit Climbing Guide: The Highest Wall in the Balkans, Geoquest Press, Halle, 2010. Free pdf download in English or German. * Gerald Krug et al, Trip Report - Raki on Arapi 2010 Geoquest Climbing Expedition, Geoquest Press, Halle. Available here in German or English.


  • Min. Height

    600 m
  • Max. Height

    1800 m
  • Time

  • Distance

    1 Km

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