Hiking in Shkreli
Cave of Pllumbaj; Cave of Shtogu; Canion of Përro

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Cave of Pllumbaj In the village of Reç, not far from the center of the village of Qafe Grade, is situated the cave of Pllumbaj. You will get to the cave through a mountain path rich in juniper bushes and other medicinal plants such as sage. The cave has a vertical extent, it is not difficult to explore, but be careful because at the ground can be a bit slippery. The cave is rich in stalactites and stalagmites, columns with interesting shapes. Cave of Shtogu This cave is located a 15 minutes walk from the road to Razem, exactly at Dukal. The interesting features of the cave are its access and its unique geological composition compared to other caves in the area. Rich in columns and niches, its exploration presents no difficulty, but you have to be equipped with torches. Canion of Përroi i Thatë The commune of Shkrel is crossed by the canyon called Përroi i Thatë, which has a length of 33 km. The canyon was named Përroi Thate because even if it is in the area with the highest rainfall in Albania, his bed is without water. Because of the karst soil, in most of the year, it has underground water flows. Only in periods of large downpours, the canyon may submit flows of water inside. At Zagorë (Poicë) it narrows forming a canyon with a depth of 20-30 m. In this point the canyon narrows so much that does not pass even light. It is not easy to cross it. This part of the canyon is declared a natural monument for its natural uniqueness. In Dedaj, at left the road takes the shape of the canyon. In the rocky sites the activity of water has formed karst compositions of very interesting shapes, some of which for the dimensions that have may be considered caves. The refraction of light through the rocky sites makes the route through the canyon very nice. This part of the canyon is accessible to all.


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