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Welcome in
the village of Dibra rural Area

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Tourism. The most important kind of tourism in the region is the mountain tourism, because of the hilly relief, and the big surface of forests. In the district of Dibra, lie two of the 13 national parks in Albania, Lure Park, and Zall Gjoçaj Park, which offer great possibilities to enjoy every detail of mountain tourism, winter and summer. You can climb, walk, ski, trek, do picnics, hunt, sail at lakes of Lura etc. Another kind of tourism is the curative tourism. There are some sulfur baths in Dibra, which create the possibilities to develop the curative for all the people who need this service for different health problems that come healed from sulfur waters.[12] Places of interest. The museum, located beside the general secondary school. It houses an excellent collection of local costumes, carpets, kitchen equipment and filigree jewelry, as well as a number of models of local architecture. Elez Isufi Boulevard, a pedestrian-only street lined with linden (Albanian: bli) trees. Thermal mineral water springs (Albanian: llixha) in the vicinity of Peshkopi are a draw for seasonal tourism, primarily from within Albania, but also to a lesser extent from neighboring countries. They are located a short distance east of the city, upstream along the Bellova Creek. wikipedia


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