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Welcome in
the village of Voskopoja

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Voskopoja lies in a beautiful landscape surrounded by high hills and fern forests. This area has many natural resources like valleys and plateaus, slopes and massive areas of forests mainly from pine, beech and oak. Voskopoja has an altitude of 1200 m, above the sea level and it is situated about 26 km in the west part of the city of Korca. The distance from Tirana is 206 km. You can reach Voskopoja : Coming from Greece, through Kapshtica border, 57 km from Voskopoja. Coming from FYROM, through the Tushemisht border 70 km away from Voskopoja, Coming from FYROM, through Qafe Thane border, 90 km from Voskopoja. Telephone The country code is +355 and the village code is 82 There are operating also the mobile networks of Vodafone and AMC Voskopoja is the best known and features on most tours that pass through the South East of Albania. Founded in the 16th century, Voskopoja by the 18th century was a major urban settlement housing the Academy, a centre dedicated to the development of culture and education. Today, five Byzantine churches and a monastery from the original twenty-two that were built when Voskopoja was a major settlement are testimony to this grand period. St Nicholas Church is the best preserved and contains priceless artwork. A forest much visited by locals is located near the village. There are several small hotels and guesthouses available to tourists and a new relatively large hotel has been built in the centre of the village but is not open yet. A little outside Voskopoja, the Academia Hotel has 50 rooms and 11 villas. Its market is mainly school groups but also conferences and business meetings as well as leisure tourists attracted to the pure, clear air in natural surroundings. The property is very attractive and could be converted into a high quality conference centre. There are several activities for guests to enjoy including horses available for hire. The village is very attractive and deserves it reputation in the area. However, certain obstacles need to be overcome, especially problems associated with long electricity power cuts and water shortages. The new hotel in the centre of the village is delaying its launch until these hindrances are resolved. It plans to offer a ‘farm’ experience with home made traditional foods and horses will be kept on the grounds of the hotel which will be available to its clients. In general, and this is a general comment about all the villages in the region, there is a need to organize activities for visitors such as guided tours, walks and cycling or horse rides in the surrounding countryside.


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