1. Llogara pranvere

  2. Dukat i siperm Vlore

  3. Karaburun nga Orikumi

  4. pranvere ne Llogara

  5. pisha flamur

  6. parku kombetar Llogara


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Llogara or Llogora National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombëtar i Llogarasë/Llogorasë) is a national park in Albania declared since 1966 by the Albanian Government. The park covers an area of 1,010 hectares (2,500 acres) and protects the forests on the north side of the Llogara Pass between a height from 470 to 2,018 m (1,540 to 6,621 ft) above sea level. In the park can be found many black pine (Pinus nigra) trees, Bosnian Pines (Pinus heldreichii), Bulgarian fir, (Abies borisii-sign) and ash trees (Fraxinus). Air currents around the area have caused trees to bend in many interesting shapes, like the Pisha e Flamurit. Along the road exist several restaurants, hotels, and a small wooden cabin complex. The area of the park and the surrounding mountains is used mainly for hiking and tracking tours. A paragliding site serving annually as an international competition venue is located south of Llogara. Along the curvy road are also located several local vendors of honey and mountain tea. Ceasar's Pass (Qafa e Cezarit) named after Julius Ceasar who set foot in the area in pursuit of Pompey is also located near Llogara Pass. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).


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