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Nikaj-Mërtur Nikaj-Mërtur is a small historical region in the Tropojë District, Albania as well as one of the North Albanian tribes. It lays south-east of the Albanian Alps, bordering Dukagjin highlands. It is a southern extension of the Djakovica highland. Nikaj is considered having derived from Krasniqi tribe, while Mërtur is closely related to the Berisha. In 2014, the region was proclaimed as the Nikaj-Mertur Regional Nature Park. The Alps' mountain peaks surrounding the area are: Maja e Hekurave, "Grykat e Hapta" (English: Open gorges), Maja e Kakisë, Maja e Ndërmanjës. "Qafa e Kolcit" connects the area to the Krasniqi tribe of the Gjakova highlands, while "Qafa e Ndërmajës" connect it to the Shala tribe and "Qafa e Agrit" (1300m) connects it to the Dukagjin region. It has Alpine climate with a robust winter season, plenty of snowfall and relatively cool summer. Average year-long temperature is 11.5 C, and snow reaches 2570 mm/year. Oak, beech, and pine are predominant in the flora. The climate and terrain favor livestock. There is a great potential for mountain tourism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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